Handcrafted Wooden (Sassafras) Reindeer

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These beautiful handmade reindeer are a labor of love from our friend and local NJ artist. They are made out of sassafras wood (he even cuts the trees down himself) and are made to last! If you adopt a reindeer it will be part of your Christmas for years to come. 

They come in a variety of sizes. The medium and large sizes have a red electric nose like Rudolph, while the x-small and small do not have an electric nose. 

Each one is handcrafted and the size varies, but a rough estimate of the heights from the floor to their ears are below.  There are versions with both short and tall antlers, so, if you have a preference on antler size, please note that in your order!


Approximate Size Measurements:

XS (Non-electric):  approx 10" (including the antlers in height measurement)

S (Non-electric): approx 14" (not including the antlers in height measurement)

M (Electric): approx 18" (not including the antlers in height measurement)

L (Electric): approx 20" (not including the antlers in height measurement)

Dominic the Donkey: approx 20"