How are the trees sized?

Tree heights fall within a one foot range. For example, 6-7’ tree could be anywhere from 6’1” up to 7’0”. The trees heights are measured and determined by the farmer. We remeasure them for accuracy.

The trees are measured from the bottom of the trunk to to the top of the tip. Most Christmas trees have a tip that is between 6” to 12” long. We include the tip in the height measurement so that we can make sure you’re tree will fit in your house.

For example, if someone with 8’ ceilings orders a 7-8’ tree and the tree tip was taller than 8’ the tree would not fit without cutting off part of the tree.

How do I pick a size?

We want you to be happy with your tree, and the best way to do this is to make sure you know what size you would like! Below are a couple of tricks for determining what size works best for you:

  • Tall Trees: Measure your ceiling height and then determine how close you would like the tip of your tree to be from the ceiling. 

  • Medium Trees: Think about how tall you are, and then how much taller or shorter you would like the tree to be. For example, if you are 5’5” and you want the tree to be slightly taller than you a 6-7’ or even 7-8' tree would be the best options for you. Again remember to keep in mind the tip is included in sizing. If you prefer not to count the tip, then we would recommend sizing up to a 7-8’ tree in this scenario.

  • Small Trees: If you’re putting the tree on a table, measure the distance between the top of your table and the ceiling.


Help! I ordered a tree that is too small or too big. 

We want you to be happy with your tree! If you think your tree is too small for your home we can re-deliver an upgraded tree. The re-delivery fee is $15 plus the difference between the new tree size and your original order.


How does the delivery process work?

You pick the date and time window and we will be there with your tree. We offer deliveries within 4 hour time windows. Morning (8am-12pm), Afternoon (12pm-4pm), Evening (4pm-8pm). 


What is included with delivery versus delivery & setup?

  • Delivery Only: Includes a fresh cut outside of your home and delivery to your front door or to the entrance of your apartment building

  • Delivery & Setup: After giving the tree a fresh cut outside, we will bring the tree inside and set it up in your stand for you. We will fill the the stand up with water and sweep away any needles at the base of the tree. Setup does not include lights or decorations.


Can I change my appointment?

Yes! Text, email or call us to reschedule your appointment. 

Email: hello@thechristmastreestand.com

Text/Call: 267-225-7931


How should I care for my tree?

Fresh cut Christmas trees should be kept away from heat sources and their stands should be kept full of water. You do not want the water to dry up or the tree sap will harden around the trunk and the Christmas tree will no longer be able to drink or absorb sufficient water through the hardened sap.


My tree isn't drinking, what should I do?

Some trees will drink a lot of water, while others may drink very little water. As long as the stand never went fully dry your tree should be ok 


Help! I forgot to water my tree and my stand dried up. 

You can try to shave around the base of the trunk using a utility knife before refilling the water.  Ideally you want to see small sap pockets open up when you shave around the trunk which will allow the tree to drink.